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Uniform / clothing for school 

'It doesn't matter what students wear to school, so long as they are safe, happy and comfortable' 

School uniform is optional at Yeo Park.  

That means that students can choose to wear the 'traditional' Yeo Park uniform, or wear some combination of the school colours 'maroon' and 'sky blue', or wear their own choice of clothing.

School uniform at Yeo Park is not-gender specific. That means that there is no 'boys' uniform or 'girls' uniform. Any student of any gender can wear any item of clothing.

You can read the school's full uniform policy, developed in consultation with the P&C, parents, students and school staff here:
 Yeo Park Uniform Policy (updated Nov 2016) 

The P&C has also developed a handy pictorial guide to the school uniform policy here:
Yeo Park Uniform Policy - picture guide 

Uniform consultation:
Parents and students have a right to have a say on the school uniform policy. The NSW Department of Education's Uniform Policy can be viewed here

At Yeo Park the school uniform was considered during 2016 in conjunction with the school's  'Wellbeing' policy.  A uniform survey was sent to parents via the Skoolbag app.

A meeting of the uniform committee was held at 6pm on 30th August 2016 to discuss and make a decision school uniform.  Any interested parents/ carers at the school are welcome to attend and be part of the uniform committee.

An online discussion forum 'uniform talk' regarding the uniform held in 2014 can be viewed here. As part of this discussion it was agreed that all uniform items would be non-gender specific and can be worn by boys or girls.


School uniform items are available to order through the Yeo Park P&C.

Either complete the online order below or download the Uniform order form. The order form can be printed and once completed, can be placed in the school mailbox with correct cash or cheque payment. Forms are also available in the school foyer.

Secure payment online is made through the PayPal system. You do not require a PayPal account to purchase as items can be paid for by Visa or Mastercard through this system. Quantities can be adjusted when items are added to the shopping cart. Items bought via PayPal include an extra 50c for the transaction.

When using PayPal please add in the Note to Seller field your child's name.  

Purchases can be collected from the School Office between 8.30am - 3.15pm Monday to Friday during School term. No delivery is available.

Orders are generally filled weekly.  If you have an urgent order, please order via the letterbox in the school, noting the urgency clearly on the outside of the envelope, and we'll do our best to fill it quickly.

Exchanges can be made if the size is not right. There are also limited stocks of larger sizes available which are not listed on Paypal.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

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    Note: in 2014 following discussion, the P&C and school agreed that all uniform items including the optional tunics / dresses are non-gender specific. That means that any uniform item can be worn by boys or girls or any gender.